Why would a company waste its money like this

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hermes birkin replica Here’s the dirty little secret from the world of keynote speakers: heaven is when your speaker’s bureau calls and says company X wants a 45 minutes standard speech that you could give drunk and jetlagged. Why would a company waste its money like this, when most good speakers have TED Talks or other material that’s free? Having an expensive headliner is proof that the company is on the cutting edge of thought leadership. It’s also a section of the retreat that’s all but guaranteed to get positive satisfaction scores. hermes birkin replica

hermes replica belts Back and co. are not acting purely out of technical benevolence. He and a group of co founders, including several core Bitcoin developers, headed by former Zero Knowledge Systems CEO Austin Hill, have a launched a startup called Blockstream. According to Coindesk, they have already raised $15 million in an ongoing funding round, and added Reid Hoffman to their board. Their exact business remains mysterious, but is built around sidechains. (The sidechain code itself will apparently be open source. See Blockstream’s recent Reddit AMA.) hermes replica belts

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