Concerns not enough specialists to treat sex offenders

Concerns not enough specialists to treat sex offenders Dr. Steven Cattermole, director of research, at the Massachusetts Psychiatric Institute and the Center for Sexual Health at Bost우리 카지노on College, said there was no research to support the idea of treatment for sex offenders, such as mental health interventions, which could be expensive to implement. He noted that it takes several years to treat most sex offenders, and that they can be dangerous if left untreated, which could be especially true with pedophiles. “For these sex offenders who are truly disturbed, there’s not much of a solution. There’s just not enough people trained in what the problem is, how to treat these kinds of people, or the resources to deal with them when they do show up in court,” said Dr. Cattermole. “I’m not going to suggest that there isn’t someone who can be treated as long as it’s not a psychiatric issue, but we need to be able to treat people that have that problem,” he said. “The problem is the lack of resources, the lack of treatment.” One possible approach that could help with pedophilic offenders, Dr. Cattermole said, is김해출장마사지 to look at different approaches that are being studied for treating other conditions, such as depression or anxiety, such as CBT or mindfulness meditation, which have been proven to help those at risk from certain mental disorders. Mental health treatment may also be more cost-effective, and could help with sexual violence, he said. He noted the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry reported there was less than 1 percent of offenders who met the DSM criteria for sexual offense, but about 40 percent of them “should be treated” when their behavior changes. “The other half of the population that might be at risk should be considered the under-medicated patients,” said Dr. Cattermole. “It’s not the person that they should take care of, it’s the underlying illness.” He noted that it would be possible to determine which of these patient groups can be better treated. “It’s kind of an apples-to-apples test,” he said.