This article studies an extension of the Baron “Ferejohn

We show that radiation from complex and inherently random but correlated wave sources can be modelled efficiently by using an approach based on the Wigner distribution function. Our method exploits the connection between correlation functions and the Wigner function and admits in its simplest approximation a direct representation in terms of the evolution of ray densities in phase space. We show that next leading order corrections to the ray tracing approximation lead to Airy function type phase space propagators.

Committee voting has mostly been investigated from the perspective of the standard Baron “Ferejohn model of bargaining over the division of a pie, in which bargaining ends as soon as the committee reaches an agreement. In standing committees, however, existing agreements can be amended. This article studies an extension of the Baron “Ferejohn framework to a model with an evolving default that reflects this important feature of policymaking in standing committees: In each of an infinite number of periods, the ongoing default can be amended to a new policy (which is, in turn, the default for the next period).

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