Prostitution laws failing sex workers by Linda Smith” (7 July 2002)

Prostitution laws failing sex workers by Linda Smith” (7 July 2002). 
The fact that a sex worker has to give blood while being transported into the sex trade doesn’t stop her from going through this ordeal of suffering. Many sex workers have their blood drawn from their bodies and give it to authorities. If a sex worker cannot give bl바카라사이트ood from her body, she would likely be held responsible for her injuries. This happens even though blood is not collected and stored on the sex workers body, but rather given to authorities without their consent.  “Sex workers in Australia face charges after being found at the scene of a sex attack after doctors failed to obtain c바카라onsent to remove their fingernails to take a blood sample for police.” (7 July 2002). 
When a sex worker is being taken to a hospital for treatment, it is crucial that they are able to remain informed about treatment. Some of the most common reasons why sex workers are not informed about hospital conditions are the following: the hospital has refused to inform them th바카라사이트at the hospital is closed,
the sex worker did not ask to leave,
and it is not possible for sex workers to attend this clinic.  “Health workers at the Sydney Harbour Hospital say they have been advised by some doctors that sex workers must provide consent before having surgery.” (7 July 2002).
Tanya Cates, a sex worker, is also charged with having an open container of marijuana concealed in her vagina. Ms. Cates was allegedly arrested after entering the Sydney Harbour Hospital in September 2011 when she was being treated for vaginal soreness and was ordered by doctors to leave. 
Dr. Paul Rimmer was quoted as saying that “medical staff at the hospital were told to avoid giving blood because it would cause the blood to be seen by the nurses as part of a patient’s urine” as reported by the ABC. Rimmer said the hospital “had never provided any evidence to back up their argument that blood transfusion was safe or effective”, so he decided to “pass the buck by saying it was because’someone had brought that up’. There’s just no evidence supporting the hospital’s claims”. He concluded his opinion of the hospital’s argument by saying, “I’m sure this man has never been treated for that.”  “A nurse and a doctor have been charged over the fatal stabbing of a young sex worker.” (7 July 2002).
Tatiana Kudackova, the nurse from the Sydney Harbour Hospital who was charged with manslaughter after allegedly cutting into Kudackova’s breast (