Accc urged to join petrol pricing forum

Accc urged to join petrol pricing forum A spokesperson for the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association said the issue raised “important concerns” on its behalf. “As a member state we are concerned by the continued lack of meaningful engagement with the petrol prices debate and the need to have this debate before we move on to other topics such as energy efficiency and renewable electricity production.” “The ASA is wor바카라king closely with industry stakeholders to provide clarity and support on all current issues. “We are aware of some questions raised and would ask that any Memb더킹카지노ers of Parliament and staff from Parliament or government agencies to contact their Member of Parliament and let them know we are curre우리카지노ntly examining any reports that we need to provide. “It is a responsibility of our members to ensure they have information relevant to their area of responsibility in their local area or at a local level.” Topics: electric-energy-and-utilities, states-and-territories, federal-government,