Nt massacre mourned 75 years on

Nt massacre mourned 75 years on.

‘This is a tragedy that has gone on for over 50 years – I do think it is important, however, that we keep this alive, so that those of us who remain may live in the remembrance of the victims.

‘That we do not forget the victims and make peace with ourselves, but rather that we make them known and remember them, and I would ask for our Government and the British people to do their bit to protect th더킹카지노em.

‘I think it would be better and more in the interests of our country if there was a peace deal between the two sides which we could negotiate because we know a peace agreement with one side only go더킹카지노es so far.’

As a child, Mr Sharmila, now 62, joined the Indian freedom movement and served for a time with the Indira Gandhi government in Delhi.

When a group of Indian soldiers invaded North India in 1965 she had her own plan for action.

‘I told Mr Gandhi and others that if India was to become independent, we were going to go and create an independent In더킹카지노dia,’ she told RT.

‘We were going to take our own country and bring it into the fold of the world.’