Ses expects lengthy glenda clean up

Ses expects lengthy glenda clean up.

“We’ll take them to the lab, look at the gene structure and look at what’s there,” Ses says. “We’ll have all the DNA from all the subjects examined, and if we think this person has a mutation, we will probably not consider it a positive바카라. A positive gene will be reported to the family and we’ll be able to trace back to how the mutation occurs.”

Although all these new techniques will be applied to more than 1,000 people, Ses believes the most important thing will be that more gene바카라t바카라사이트ic information about each person can be collected at once. But as with all genome research, only a small proportion of the people in the United States will have access to DNA testing through a modern testing process—but Ses is hopeful that soon that number will become increasingly common. “The great thing with genetics is that by analyzing all genetic information we have, you could help a lot of people,” Ses says. “But the reason I’m optimistic is that the genetics community has a very long way to go and it’s still not fully explored.”