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Heather Grogg, 33, and Danielle Tyler, 18, were cover apple porpora iphone CROOK AND CASTLES BANDANA RED Cover iPhone 5 / 5S / SE 7 last seen in Carroll County, Maryland on April 6, 2020, according to FBI Pittsburgh. cover iphone 6s miniinthebox Riddle’s body cover iphone 5 griffin had stab wounds and was found on fire in Rippon, West Virginia on March 18.

When Brandie cover iphone 5 joker Hebb saw the news about Jonathan’s death, she called her older sister Heather, who knew him. She said Heather was shocked by the murder.

At cover iphone 5s silicone animali the time, Heather had been staying at a friend’s house in Westminster, LED Flip Wallet Cover custodia Maryland, and working as a live in babysitter for his children. This friend was identified by Heather’s sister as David Sanford, the man who was later arrested for murder.

Brandie Hebb and Heather Grobb

Brandie told Dateline she’s worried her sister is in danger because she possibly knows something she shouldn’t have known.

“I’m worried she cover iphone 7 marc jacobs witnessed something she shouldn have seen and that’s why she’s in danger,” DISNEY HAUNTED MANSION Cover iPhone 5 / 5S / SE Brandie said. “It’s not like her to just disappear like this. To fall off the face of the earth. She always calls me to let me know she’s OK.”

Brandie said she last spoke to her cover iphone 6 plus carbonio sister on April 3.

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“She seemed fine at first,” Brandie said. “But then seemed a little stressed. She wanted to see me face to face, but I told her we’d have to wait. With everyone being quarantined because of coronavirus, we decided it’d be better to wait.”

Brandie, who is 10 DEATH THE KID SHOT Cover iPhone 5 / 5S / SE years younger than Heather, said they have always been close. She describes Heather as being a friendly, lovable person who makes friends wherever she goes, and is young at heart.

“She loves going to the playground and getting on the swings,” Brandie said. “She loves swings. She would auc-seven-luggage: iphone6 iphone6s never pass up the swings.”

Brandie told Dateline it’s not like Heather to stop communication with everyone and she would never leave her children. Heather is the mother la migliore cover per iphone x of four children, ages 14 18.

“If she’s out there and reading this, she can come home now,” Brandie said. Brandie told Dateline Heather mentioned that Danielle was someone who came to the house, but that was all.

Danielle, an 18 year old from Taneytown, Maryland, was also last seen cover bianca iphone on April 6. Her grandmother and legal guardian, Sherry Tyler, told Dateline that Danielle cover iphone 6 best friend had gone through a breakup in March and had started dating Monroe Merrell, one of the men who was later arrested. She began spending more time at the house in Westminster where Heather was staying.

The last time Sherry spoke to her granddaughter was on April 6 by text.

“She texted me and said, ‘MeMaw, I think cover oro rosa iphone I’m going to turn my phone off for a bit. I’m just tired of the drama,'” Sherry told Dateline. “I told her that wasn’t a good idea because I needed to stay in touch with her. She knows how much I worry.”

She added that the text was out of character for Danielle.

“She would never let me worry like this,” Sherry said. “And this was her graduation year and she was so proud. And she knew I was proud. She wouldn’t just run off.”

Sherry told Dateline that Danielle is a high school senior who is supposed to graduate this year, but the commencement ceremonies were pushed back because of coronavirus. She said Danielle had been taking video production classes and is hoping to become a videographer.

Sherry said that not long after her last text conversation with Danielle, she was contacted by Maryland State Police homicide detectives looking for Danielle. They encouraged Sherry to file a missing persons report. Dateline reached out to Maryland State Police for comment but they deferred questions cover iphone 6 apple rosa to FBI Pittsburgh.

Spokesperson Catherine Policicchio told Dateline that FBI Pittsburgh is working closely with law enforcement partners to investigate threats to the community.

“The safety and DC COMIC SUPERHERO 7 Cover iPhone 5 / 5S / SE welfare of those involved and the integrity of any investigation are always the first priorities for the FBI,” she said. “At this time, we are not able to release any additional information. Anyone with information about the whereabouts of these two women is asked to call FBI Pittsburgh or local police. We do cover personalizzate iphone torino also want to assure the community that there is no wider threat to public safety at this time.

“She’s my baby girl and I just want to know that she’s OK,” Danielle’s grandmother Sherry said. I’m living my worst nightmare and I know it won’t end until she’s back home.”

Danielle is 5’3″ tall and weighs 110 pounds. She has blonde hair and green eyes. She has snake bite cover iphone 1 euro piercings on both sides of her lower lip and a small nose ring in both sides of her nose. Heather is described as being 5’2″ tall and weighing 175 pounds. She has blue eyes and her hair is usually red or blonde. She has a lip piercing below her right lower lip…