It hits working age people who live in social housing and claim

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Authentic NFL China Jerseys Why should I not vote Conservative? 29 nasty policies you shouldn’t forget in the 2017 general electionTheresa May is touring the country promising to make your life better on June 8. But what about cheap nfl jerseys the nasty or unfair cuts she’d rather you forgot about?ByMikey SmithDan Bloom14:38, 8 JUN 2017Updated14:39, 8 JUN 2017(Photo: Andy Stenning/Daily Mirror)The cruel tax was launched by the Tories in April 2013 and increases the rent people have to pay if they have “extra” rooms.Of course, the Tories don’t like it being called a ‘tax’, so they’ve spun it as the “removal of the spare room subsidy.” But critics point out there’s a shortage of smaller flats for people to ‘downsize’ to so they’re stuck paying higher rates.It hits working age people who live in social housing and claim housing benefit.Under the scheme social housing tenants have 14% less net rent covered by housing benefit if they have a “spare” room.It means some victims having to find an extra a year.And it’s prompted a string of legal battles by disabled people including Jayson and Jacqueline Carmichael, who need to sleep in separate rooms due to Jacqueline’s wholesale nfl jerseys spina bifida.What is the Bedroom Tax and why is it a problem? Full guide as victims win court victory2. Denying disability benefit to 165,000 peopleCharities have warned the change will leave thousands at risk of becoming homelessSince April 2017, jobseekers aged 18 to 21 can no cheap jerseys longer get Housing Benefit to help with their rent.It is supposedly to stop them sliding onto a “life on benefits” and there are a number of exemptions.But Centrepoint warns it could “force thousands of young people onto the streets” and cost more than it saves.And the association for landlords who are actually paid the money says it will put landlords off letting to under 22s.The government admits 10,000 young people a year are set to be hit, with research showing it could be as high as 18,000.. Authentic NFL China Jerseys

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