Rental securitization is a potential

Rental securitization is a potential gold mine for investors because more people are being forced to rent as they’ve either lost their homes or been priced out of the buyer’s market. In a report released Wednesday, Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies found that the nation’s rate of homeownership has been falling for eight years at the same time sales of properties are up. People of all ages are finding it impossible to purchase.

TWO Billion dollar projects were cancelled.The citizens of Alberta are on the warpath today. But back it is, as more bartenders are willing to immerse themselves in every detail of a drink’s structure in order to produce a product superior enough to be an event all in itself. And indeed, the devil is in such details. Take ice.

Deciding which garments and manufacturers are better for the environment is complicated. Organic cotton means fewer pesticides, but cotton growing can stress communities because of the amount of water required. Fast fashion merchant H has pushed for higher wages in countries where it manufactures, such as Cambodia and Bangladesh, and has sought to encourage recycling.

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In talking about AGP versions of recently released cards, NVIDIA has given us an update on the status of the AGP version of the highly anticipated GeForce 6600GT. We should have samples by the end of this month and NVIDIA is looking to have them available for purchase before the end of November. There are currently no plans for retail availability of the PCI Express GeForce 6800 Ultras those are mostly going to tier 1 OEMs.