\” But Greitens acknowledged soliciting campaign money from

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canada goose uk shop The panel released an initial report April 11 with the woman\u0027s testimony that Greitens restrained, slapped and threatened her during sexual canada goose outlet store uk encounters that at times left her crying and afraid.\u00a0Greitens has repeatedly defied calls for his resignation. The AP reported that Greitens\u0027 had raised about $2 million from those who had previously given significant amounts to the charity.\u00a0Asked about the overlap at the time, Greitens told the AP: \”No, we were not working off of a Mission Continues donor list.\” But Greitens acknowledged soliciting campaign money from some people he had gotten to know while working at the charity.\u00a0The House report indicates Greitens actually was working canada goose outlet toronto factory off a Mission Continues list of top donors that had been created for him to make phone calls explaining the charity\u0027s transition in leadership. Email records show the donor list was emailed May 8, 2014, to Greitens and several other Mission Continues employees, including Krystal Taylor, who simultaneously worked for Greitens\u0027 personal promotional company The Greitens Group canada goose uk shop.