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If you want an in depth opinion, PM me or search Rib Pads and you will find my opinions in almost every thread that comes up. Most people disagree with me, but if you want my short opinion, I say yes they are worth it and if you think they hinder your mobility you are pathetic. They do not hinder mobility, do not cost a lot (everyone single one I seen is about the same, so go to your Play It Again and find the cheapest used one there, probably about 5 bucks), and actually help.

I wear rib pads everytime I play. You may think they feel weird the fist day, but you don even realize they are on the second time you play with them. I have broken ribs before from wrestling, and they definitely help. Breaking ribs suck, and I do not want to do that again. Even then it just a waste of money, hit the gym or do some crunches.

If you really feel you need the protection, go for something like rhinoskin to wear under your sp The bulk of rip pads just isn worth it.

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If you honestly think that doing some crunches and other core workouts will keep a rib from puncturing your spleen or kidney you dead wrong. Wearing rib pads (unless you are injured) makes you look like a wuss. They aren too comfortable. One of my teammates got them but threw them in the closet within a week because he said they weren comfortable enough while running.

I rather deal with more pain and be able to run better, but that not what the OP is asking. I think Rhinoskin might be a good idea, minimal protection under normal protection might work out okay.

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You obviously never been to the hospital with a ruptured spleen or punctured kidney. You can sit there now while youre not in pain and say that you would rather take pain than be called a wuss, but just wait till it one of these things actually happens to you and you will be wishing you had rib pads on.

To the OP go out and get a decent pair of rib pads or something like the McDavid padded undershirts. If you play attack you need to at least be wearing some type of padding over the ribs. One of these days you catch a bad poke or a shot and having anything protecting your ribs will be nice.

If your teammates give you crap just let it go usually they are just joshing with you. Our 1 attackman in high school wore rib pads. Sure I joked with him and gave him crap at practice, but the kid had three straight seasons with 60+ points and now holds our high school and State all time points record in a career. He sent 3 kids to the hospital from hits, so you think he is he a because he wears rib pads? Not at all, I have more cheap jerseys respect for him than just about anyone else I played with in high school and he wore rib pads. Moral of the story, who cares if you get called a wuss just go out on the field and prove everyone otherwise and shut the haters mouths up, its not about the pads you wear but about how you play.

I wear the most protective equipment I can find for the simple reason, they are there to protect your body parts.

For all of you who think wearing rib pads are for weanies, then play with some STX Stingers (INSTEAD OF KING 2 or your Mac Daddys) for gloves and without a helmet!!!! or goalie without a chest protector!!!!

I sure there is some exercise that can make your hand beefy enough to withstand a good solid check form a defenseman. Or you can bench press enough so blocking shots won be a problem. (10)

I know that no matter how hard I get check or how much of a cheap shot a defender takes, I am protected, so I can play fearlessly.

Regarding the weight, like another OP said, after a week, you won notice them.

All of you clowns who claim studdliness for not wearing enough pads, you will regret that decision when you body breaks down in your late 20 from all the unnecessary abuse you took while younger trying to prove to other what type of Macho Man you are.

BTW, since I have been wearing the “heavier” more protective padding, I have not missed a game, due to injury in the last 15 years, ankles not included.