Some people train all year for Canaan

Some people train all year for Canaan, the mountain biker’s answer to Le Mans. We started a couple of weeks ago, when my friend and riding buddy Gaston Endova (not his real name) press ganged me into the “team” that he’d talked his employer, a major news organization, into sponsoring. News Conglomerate Inc.

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Actually, I knew I’d be lost if I took a bite of Lambrecht’s Southern Pecan toffee. After an hour, though, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I started out with slow nibbles, but before I knew it I was mowing through the bag like a chipper through wood. The KiXX would get a superb opportunity to level the scoreline again when, after a typical forward v. Defender scuffle; a shot was taken which was saved by D. Waltman.

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