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If you’re an Amazon (AMZN) Prime member, you’ll pay even less for turkey: Whole Foods slashed turkey prices to $1.99 per pound (compared to $2.49 for non Prime members), or $2.99 per pound for an organic turkey ($3.49 for non Prime members).To redeem the discount, Amazon is offering a printable coupon only accessible to Prime members on its website.Related: Amazon pop up stores to open in Whole Foods stores”These are the latest new lower prices in our ongoing integration and innovation with Amazon, and we’re just getting started,” Whole Foods CEO John Mackey said in a prepared statement. Whole Foods said this Prime specific deal is a “sneak preview” for future exclusive deals.Whole Foods also announced it is cutting prices on boneless skinless chicken breasts, shrimp, Russet potatoes, bagged salad mixes, broccoli, organic eggs and milk from Organic Valley, Applewood https://www.canadagooseoutlet4sale.com hot dogs, and Chobani and Fage yogurt.It’s the second time Amazon took the knife to Whole Foods’ prices. The company slashed prices on nearly 500 grocery items in August, shortly after its $13.7 billion purchase closed.

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canada goose outlet toronto factory It has been fighting for control for years with Kellerhals, who still owns a 22 percent stake and who said in May he wanted to buy back the business.Metro lifted its holding in Media Saturn to 78 percent last year when it bought an extra 3 percent stake from co founder Leopold Stiefel for about 230 million euros. That valued the whole company, which accounts for about a third of Metro sales, at more than Canada Goose Parka 7 billion euros canada goose store (5.57 billion pounds).Industry sources told Reuters last month that Metro and Kellerhals had discussed a possible sale but had not reached agreement as the company founder seemed more interesting in persuading Metro to spin off the business than buy it himself.Koch said he was obliged to consider any concrete offer from Kellerhals but dismissed the idea canada goose coats on sale of spinning off Media Saturn.can just split off the company and leave it in other hands without the proper conditions. That would be wrong both strategically and for liability and responsibility reasons, he said.Koch said he wanted to find a constructive solution to the conflict with Kellerhals, including settling a dispute over the company acting CEO, Pieter Haas, who Metro appointed in May after the previous boss quit due to the long running dispute.Kellerhals is challenging the appointment of Haas in the courts, but Koch said he saw little chance for him succeeding, adding he hoped the two sides canada goose outlet could still agree on a permanent replacement.Kellerhals opened the first Media Markt store in Munich in 1979, entering into a partnership in 1988 with the forerunner of the Metro Group, which brought Media Markt together with its Saturn chain buy canada goose jacket cheap and drove a global expansion.Media Saturn is battling online competition and saw its sales fall 4 percent in its fiscal second quarter to 4.88 billion euros, prompting Metro to cut its full year earnings forecast for the unit canada goose outlet toronto factory.