Create your own banners/signs for sling shot/t shirt toss

For the pupils and head teacher, Debra Massey, the school is more than just a new building, it’s an educational resource. The school has an eight pupil strong “Eco Squad” (members change every term), all wearing smart green “Eco Squad” badges, whose job it is to promote ideas of sustainability. Environmental concerns are second nature to the pupils, who talk me through how they are developing fingerprint technology to replace the old library card system to save on paper..

It’s your spot before, and after, the ball game. Me, I decided to save Sliders for later; I wanted to get to my seat. The Blue Jays were in town, and I hadn’t seen them in forever. Wow. She’s performing at The Old Market on the 11th. And talking one to ones, one event I’ll certainly clear the diary for is the New Writing South annual lecture from Lynn Barber, Britain’s most well respected newspaper interviewer..

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