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cheap jordan 11 shoes The death toll of a duck boat accident on a Missouri lake rose to 17 early Friday after divers cheap air jordan recovered the bodies of the final four people who were missing.]]>(CNN) An amphibious tour boat carrying 31 people sank in a furious squall on a southwestern Missouri lake Thursday evening, leaving 17 people dead nikefacebook.com , including children, officials said.The Ride the Ducks Branson duck boat went down in Table Rock Lake near Branson during strong winds that out of nowhere, said Jim Pattison Jr., president of the business parent company.Fourteen people survived, with passengers and workers on the nearby Showboat Branson Belle still docked as people boarded for a cruise helping to rescue them, Stone County Sheriff Doug Rader said.Video posted by Jennie Phillips Hudson Carr, which she recorded from the Branson Belle, showed at least three vessels on the lake at the time, including two duck boats rocking and tilting to the side as ripples turned into massive waves.Strong winds whipped waves head on onto the boats. One of the duck cheap nike shoes boats returned to shore safely, but the other eventually sank.my God, those poor people, oh no! someone says on the video as the water crashes into the smaller boats.there cheap jordans from china kids on there, those poor babies, a female voice says.Footage shows the doomed boat nose apparently submerged before the video ends. The boat sank, wheels down, 40 feet down, and then rolled to an area 80 feet deep, Rader said cheap jordan 11 shoes.