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The safety Council of the semi autonomous Kurdish region said in a statement to Reuters that the peshmerga had taken soil and clothing samples after an Islamic State car bombing attempt on Jan. 23.It said research you analysis showed”The samples contained levels of chlorine that endorsed the substance iphone 7 plus harry potter phone cases was used in weaponized form, The Kurdish allegation could not be partnerships confirmed.Chlorine is a choking agent whose use as a chemical weapon goes back to World matte black iphone 7 plus case War One. It is banned under the 1997 Chemical Weapons established practice, Which prohibits all iphone 7 case iridescent use of toxic agents on the battleground.Philip Sawczak, Spokesman for the Dutch based establishment for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, Being spoken: “We have not had a request from Iraq to look into claims of use of chemical weapons in Iraq, iphone 7 phone cases applw And the OPCW cannot iphone iphone 7 4 7 inch case 7 plus phone cases name today verify the iphone 7 shockproof case orange claims,Chlorine has been utilized”Methodically” In the civil war in adjoining Syria, An OPCW fact finding mission found yr after…