Agents say they plan on seizing both houses

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Replica Chloe Bags I didn’t know what was more surprising. The fact that Bam was running for president or that I actually knew who he was. He is Bam Margera, a skater and a moviemaker. Agents say they plan on seizing both houses.Prosecutors say the employees worked six days a week for 14 hours a day.The two year long investigation into the workers became more when some of them allegedly trespassed through Orchard Park in August.Each restaurant, which grossed about $50,000 weekly, after paying employees, did not report earnings for federal or state taxes, officials say.Theworkersallegedly took home between $500 and $800 in cash every week.ICEspokesmanKhaalid Walls released a statement just after Noon on Tuesday.special agents and officers from ICE are conducting an enforcement action as part of an ongoing criminal investigation, the statement read. Enforcement activities are currently underway, we cannot elaborate further at this time. Additional details may be available later today Replica Chloe Bags.