On the canada goose mural, uk canada goose it showed Atreus

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I really hate the trope of prequels introducing characters that were completely devoid of canada goose black friday sale any mention or importance in the original story.

John, nor any of Dutch or his gang mention Arthur canada goose outlet black friday Morgan in RDR1. I know they didnt think that far ahead to create this story, but buy canada goose jacket it just makes me feel Arthur didnt do anything of importance while dying an unceremonious death. Its a weird feeling canada goose outlet nyc to not really be cheap Canada Goose that hype for a new Rockstar story. I canada goose outlet hope the canada goose outlet in usa new trailer changes my mind

Oh man, that final hidden mural. To me it canada goose black friday sale shows that Kratos Canada Goose Coats On Sale soul is used to birth the World Serpent. Look at the pattern of red scales on the serpent. Notice that it is canada goose outlet store mostly white. canada goose outlet toronto factory It has an intense animosity towards Thor. When Mimir says he something of a sparkling conversationalist he actually being ultra sarcastic.

What a setup for that time travelling serpent. And maybe Atreus gets the idea for which animal from the nature of Kratos red serpentine streak. The symbolic story beats line up so uk canada goose outlet well.

Of course I would not think this unless the mural canada goose outlet online was shown and also for the canada goose outlet reviews fact that there are several examples of souls being used in the game. Soul eaters literally canada goose outlet sale consume them. That canada goose outlet one dwarf put his soul into canada goose outlet store uk his ring. Freya friend soul is in boar form. Some souls were turned into dragons. Valkyrie souls are locked into physical canada goose outlet uk bodies. canada goose factory sale This is something official canada goose outlet that happens and Atreus will do it for his father because the World Serpent needs to exist in order to help them. The mural is the final grand clue. But the pattern of red scales Canada Goose Parka vs white scales is also telling as well. I think Kratos accepts this fate when he sees the mural, especially considering his canada goose uk shop son will canada goose factory outlet need the help of the World canada goose outlet canada Serpent to keep Thor at bay and the overarching theme of the game is that parents will do nearly anything for their Canada Goose sale children. (Not you, Zeus.)

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I think that is a wholly sound theory, but I canada goose uk black friday think that the prophecy foretold by Faye has been broken, simply due to the fact that Kratos canada goose coats kills Baldur.

Remember when Mimir said that they had put Ragnark canada goose store on fast forward by a hundred years by killing Baldur? I think that because Faye failed to foretell that Kratos canada goose outlet shop was a god.

Plus, the whole mistletoe thing didn happen as planned. On the canada goose mural, uk canada goose it showed Atreus shooting Baldur with what canada goose outlet uk sale we can cheap canada goose uk imagine is Canada Goose Jackets a mistletoe arrow, but in the game, the entire canadian goose jacket thing was accidental and only because Kratos was being good dad Kratos. I think Faye prophecy failed to account for Freya and Kratos both, canada goose outlet new buy canada goose jacket cheap york city and so Canada Goose online the prophecy canada goose jacket outlet is broken, but I do believe Canada Goose Outlet that Jrmungandr is Kratos, who, in canadagooseoutletjackets a previous cycle, died and was turned into the serpent by Atreus/Loki.

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It kinda feels like a suspiciously specific denial to me, Canada Goose Online but then goose outlet canada again, I played through Final Fantasy Tactics about thirty times by now canada goose uk outlet so I get being obsessed with a game.

For the record, I keep playing it canada goose clearance sale because (as a SRPG) it 90% gameplay and the Single canada goose outlet online uk Class Challenge (5 characters, all one Job Class) and Tactics Double Dare (2 characters who can each use abilities from 2 Job Classes) are insanely fun, and the canada goose clearance FFTv1.3 mod is fucking amazing.

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That exactly what it was. During the game, Mimir tells you that Odin had no idea who you guys were, only that he knew someone in that house canada goose coats on sale was able to enter Jotunheim. Seeing as only giants can enter Jotunheim, Odin and the other gods assumed whoever was there must be a giant. So Baldur was looking for a giant, but with the way he worded everything, we at canada goose outlet parka the beginning of the game think he there looking for Kratos specifically. It is really a master work of storytelling and narrative on Santa Monica part haha.