Think it looks like a coke spoon nail

But does the red dress have longevity? The popular idiom has it that men want to sleep with blondes, but marry brunettes. Perhaps the same could be said of the red dress: fun for a fling, but when it comes to settling down, could the lady in black hold a little more allure? Maybe the only solution is to don every colour of the rainbow in order to ensure you’re stimulating every emotion possible. Or, failing that, wear nothing at all.

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Megan’s room had a classic champagne tower complete with vintage coupes. Chandelier style candelabras and flowers arranged inside glass cloches topped the tables. Antique French lace Megan’s mother collects decorated the tables. The specific effect on the monument remains to be seen. But Mary Strobridge, a member of CARE and mother of Mike, is concerned the plants would ruin anyone experience who visited the monument from the northern entrance. Would just be devastating to drive into the Carrisa Plains and see a 10 story tall industrial solar plant right smack dab in the middle of it, with 640 acres of pipes and mirrors and around that photovoltaic cells going on for thousands and thousands of acres, she said.

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