Southwest Florida International Airport

Recommendations: Build a new and bigger airport rescue and firefighting building. The current building is almost 30 years old and it’s too small. Project is under way. Completion: late summer.

Construct midfield taxiways and apron. Completion date: July 2013.

Expand terminal access road to six lanes. Construction would start in 2015.

Begin parallel runway and taxiway project, with early permitting starting this year.

Construct a more direct connection to Interstate 75, starting this year. The closest exits off the interstate are at Alico Road and Daniels Parkway. The new interchange would provide better access to the airport, as well as reducing traffic on Ben Hill Griffin Parkway and Treeline Avenue.

Prepare a mapping and rezoning application to add 200 acres for development in the Skyplex area for non aviation uses, such as research and development, retail and high tech businesses. The Skyplex area, which replaced the former terminal building and is opposite the new one, spans about 1,000 acres. cheap nfl jerseys It’s targeted for new business development, with 300 acres already permitted. Several businesses are located there, including Private Sky, which maintains aircraft.

Add a new flight information display system, showing the arrival and departure of the planes. Construction would begin next year.

Redo the rental car customer service areas. Construction would begin in summer 2013. “The pricing for construction is at a good place. All these projects create a lot of jobs for Southwest Florida. They enhance the front door through Southwest Florida, which is the international airport. And they provide a better passenger experience.”