How to Carve a Cooked Goose

Hi I’m Jennifer Cail and on behalf of Expert Village, I’m going to show you how to roast a Christmas goose. One of our last steps in roasting a goose is carving the goose. You are going to carve the goose much the same way that you would carve a turkey or a chicken which is to follow the breast line to get to the joints. Now that the turkey skin is a little bit tougher. Canada Goose online I’m sorry the goose skin is a little tougher then a turkey skin would be. You want to be very careful when you are cutting through it so that you are not cutting your finger as well. You just want to follow down the line until you get to a joint and we are going to cut off the drumstick first. Depending on how many people that you are having, would depend on how many pieces you want to cut off. For presentation purposes you may not want to carve the entire goose at once but merely take off the legs and perhaps the thighs and the wings. Of course, finding the joint is not as always as easy as it seems. Of course, once you let the goose cool a bit it does make it much easier for finding what you are looking for and carving through a cut. Let’s do the other side. After fighting with one leg we can try to get to the other you may also cut through the wing a bit. If it is in your way, we are not depending on how crisp of it. The wings for a goose are a lot tougher than they are for a turkey. So we are going to cut this second leg off. I highly recommend letting the goose cool down a bit not to the point where it is cold. But just to make sure that you physically touch it while you are cutting through the bones instead of relying on a fork to hold it. Now that we have got a leg and part of the wing off, let’s start slicing into the breast meat. This of course, is a little bit easier then finding the joints. You just want to slice a little bit off and you could see how nice and dark is for our goose. Unlike the very pale meat of a turkey. So you just want to keep slicing until you have all the breast meat off and then continue slicing more of the goose as your meat detects. So if you want to leave most of it together for presentation, you can do so. You can even put some of the breast meat back on it if you are going to bring the goose out whole. So that when you are serving it you just need to lift it right off onto somebody’s plate.