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This year’s Phasion Phest was a terrific look at the season’s top trends in an energetic creative production, and the trio of local design schools put on great student shows. The Philadelphia chapter of the National Association of Fashion and Accessory Designers mounted a great showcase in May. But hardly had the curtain fallen when the association’s longtime local president, Ada Miller, resigned, followed by one third of the membership.

We should take a moment here to talk about what’s different about Intel and Micron’s 3D NAND. Planar NAND of all sorts has long been based on floating gate transistors. To create its stacked flash product, Samsung abandoned floating gates and moved to charge trap flash, the details of which we discussed at length when we first reviewed the 850 series of drives.

Orlando airport exit flies over traffic congestionThe congested State Road 417 exit at Boggy Creek Road will transform Friday afternoon with the opening of flyover bridges soaring toward Orlando International Airport.replica handbags A pair of flyover bridges and two lengthy ramps will skip over and skirt past a series of traffic lights at Boggy Creek Road south. Detested toll plaza near airport set for demolitionToll collection will cease Sunday night at a plaza detested for congested traffic and seen as gouging tourists.

Upload videos there and send links to friends to share will be great fun. The registration is just filling up blanks with basic information.Next is to upload video onto it. YouTube accepts video in AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG, 3GP and MP4 but DVD or VOB.Then how to upload your DVD to the YouTube for sharing? You may do a close second thing for the first important target to convert DVD to MP4 or any format above.

The brewery has seen such success and growth that it opened a visitors center in the summer of 2016 with beer exhibits, a larger tasting room and an expanded retail shop. MoreKansas City residents are a little bit prideful about the Boulevard Brewing Company, as if to say: “So what if St. Louis has Anheuser Busch, we have Boulevard.” Among its many beers, this brewery offers its fans everything from unfiltered wheat (a favorite) to pale ale to pilsner.

Ptigal. Puerto Rico. Katar. Several more meetings are planned for this spring to discuss financial aid and other individual concernsAccording to Roberts, some of the O students will be the first in their families to attend collegeknow it sounds simple, she said, my goal and dream is to see all of our students go to the college of their choice, where they be happy. Their most recent collection effort ended Dec. 31 and raised $2,000, for a grand total exceeding $12,000 since 2006Edelman, who lives in Acton, selected the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation because her nephew and niece, 23 year old Paul.

Overall, all four women on the test panel, who ranged in experience level from a couple years to racing at an elite level, enjoyed the ride and agreed the bike seemed up for every challenge we encountered on our rocky, techy East Coast trails. Nelson says that the target rider for the Rumor is the woman who is honing her mountain biking skills, who enjoys the adventure of riding on a wide variety of trails. From our initial impressions, we agree, but we add that this seems to be a very capable bike that can grow with you over time, as well as suit the day to day needs of more experienced riders, too..

Not a great deal as Ihave purchased new lululemon tanks for $29 at its outlet store in Woodbury Commons north of New York City, but this shop is close to home and you’re helping a local business. The best deal my daughter found was a new Free People gold lace dress for $19 that still had the $98 price tag on it, which is perfect for the holiday season.Designer resale goods at NTY Clothing Exchange (Photo: Mary Chao)My daughter has shopped Plato’s Closet in Greece that caters to young peopleand never found anything she liked there. The new NTYClothing Exchange offers more upscale brands.

Mulligan, 41, swiped the bags, worth $1,838, from Lord and Taylor, Zugibe said, adding that Mulligan is a repeat offender.In a separate 2012 case, Mulligan was indicted on charges accusing him of stealing more than $1,000 worth of Michael Kors merchandise from the same Lord and Taylor, the district attorney’s office said.Mulligan assaulted and injured a store loss prevention officer after being confronted in 2012, which led him to plead guilty to second degree assault. He was sentenced to one year in prison.In the latest incident, Mulligan was found guilty on one count of fourth degree grand larceny and one count of fourth degree criminal possession of stolen property, both felonies, the district attorney’s office said. He was remanded to Rockland County jail and will be sentenced on April 21..

And Mrs. Freeouf, Lakewood; Jef and Jennifer Fugita, Westminster; Tom and Kay Furtak, Golden;Maria Galloway, Parker; Virginia Galloway, Denver; Bill and Wynn Gandera, Denver; Alec and Cathy Garbini, Denver; Rick and Betty Ann Gardner, Lakewood; Erna Ann Garnett, Lakewood; Jim and Donna Garrett, Aurora; Kathleen Andrews and Gary Emrich, Denver; Patty Gemmill, Cheyenne Wells; Madelyn Gibbs, Wheat Ridge; D. Ann Gibson, Aurora; Diana L.

From there I was offered a job with Cirque du Soleil to work on the Michael Jackson show ONE, which was opening in Las Vegas. Since then I haven’t looked back as more opportunities continue to come my way. It was just chasing my dream and doing something each day to get closer to my goals.