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Jum'at 13 May

How to Boil an Egg Perfectly

Boiling an egg sounds so easy to all of us. All you need to do is put the eggs in water and boil them for some time. Nevertheless, the aftereffect of this simple cooking procedure is not always desirable. You might have already seen outcomes, like an overboiled egg, cracking of the eggshell in between

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Selasa 03 May

One point to note is the direction

“He’s hysterical,” Phelps says. They even have a running text message gag: “Young Jeezy says ‘jeah.’” Sometimes, they’ll just shorten the missive to “jeah.” (Young Jeezy, for the unacquainted, is a rapper who does, in fact, say “jeah.”) “That’s just us acting stupid,” Phelps says. “I think he brings that side out in me.”. One

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