Series of Activities for Preparing the National Habitat Roadmap 2020-2024 and the National Habitat Action Plan 2020

Writers: Safilia Vinandita and Veronica Kusumawardhani


Jakarta - The Preparation of the National Habitat Roadmap 2020-2024 and Action Plan 2020 is an event held as a series of World Habitat Day and Cities Day Celebration 2019. The event was held on October 29, 2019 in meeting room Pendopo, Directorate General of Human Settlements (Cipta Karya), Ministry of Public Works and Housing with the concept of Focus Group Discussion. The host invited all related stakeholders as the preparation of the National Habitat Roadmap 2020-2024 and Action Plan 2020 must be done inclusively. They were central government, local governments, academics and experts, associations, private institutions, business entities, philanthropists, as well as communities.

This event basically aims to socialize and accomplish the concept of the National Habitat Agenda Roadmap 2020-2024; to obtain the information related to programs/ activities and institutional initiatives on housing, settlement and urban development, and the implementation of NUA in Indonesia; to formulate the mechanism for knowledge, data and information management related to the Habitat agenda implementation at the central/ local level; and identify cooperation opportunities to strengthen multi-stakeholder partnerships in implementing the national habitat agenda.

The Secretary General of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Prof. Anita Firmanti, greeted at the opening session. She conveyed that the National Habitat Roadmap 2020-2024 and Action Plan 2020 were expected to be implemented continuously and consistently by involving various cross-sector actors of Ministries/ Institutions and stakeholders. Afterwards, the event continued with a panel discussion session and a parallel discussion session.

The panel discussion session presents several directors of related ministries, the Indonesian Ambassador in Nairobi, and academics as speakers. While the parallel discussion session was divided into four desks according to the work groups in Habitat National Secretariat which the themes were adjusted to them. The work groups are Urban Settlements, Rural Settlements, National Strategic Settlements, and Infrastructure and Environment.

Eventually, this event went well and was closed with delivery of results and roadmap preparation. It further was summarized in a book entitled “LANGKAH BERSAMA MEMBANGUN HABITAT UNTUK SEMUA” or move together to create habitat for all. Through this event, it was expected that Habitat Agenda in Indonesia would be implemented well and directed.