On Wednesday, 11th May 2016, Indonesian Urban Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (IUWASH) program was announced as complete. This program was run for about 5 years since 2011. It is a joint program between the Indonesian Government (Directorate of Housing and Settlement BAPPENAS) and USAID to fulfill infrastructure needs for Indonesian citizens. The closing ceremony of IUWASH was themed “Making the Dream Come True; Increasing Access, Improving Service, in Water and Sanitation” and attended by stakeholders from supporting agencies, NGO, media, partnership agency, ministries such as BAPPENAS, Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs, and Ministry of Women’s Empowerment, and private sectors.

According to the Chief of the Party, Louis O’Brien, IUWASH programmes that have been held in several cities and regencies were the technical support for infrastructure provision in order to accelerate the public access to clean water and sanitation facilities. Prior to the closing ceremony in Rumah Maroko that Wednesday, IUWASH team also had conducted several workshops in five areas, which have received the technical support from IUWASH.

Patrick Wilson, USAID Deputy Mission, added that during the five years in Indonesia, IUWASH programmes have been successful in providing access to clean water for 2.4 millions Indonesian citizens and improved the availability of sanitation infrastructure for 250,000 people in 54 cities and regencies across Indonesia. Being one of the issues concerned by USA and Indonesia, IUWASH programmes have contributed in improving sanitation and clean water provision to ensure the welfare of Indonesians, particularly in terms of the health of the children as Indonesia’s future generation. To maintain the clean water and sanitation services in the country, USAID is planning for IUWASH Plus which would be implemented starting in 2017.

IUWASH has been BAPPENAS partner in the fulfillment of sanitation and clean water in Indonesia. The Director of Housing and Settlement BAPPENAS, Nugroho Tri Utomo, conveyed that the IUWASH’s success is the gap reduction of urban sanitation between the low-income citizens (masyarakat berpendapatan rendah/MBR) and the middle class and above. The areas that have been benefited from the programme are also anticipating for possible IUWASH activities in the future. Thus, it is deemed as right for IUWASH Plus to focus on MBR.

Besides the commentary from IUWASH executives, Stand Up Comedy by Syukron Jamal and a monolog by Ikke Nurjanah were also featured in the closing ceremony, which delivered messages on the importance of sanitation for daily life. Then, a media talkshow also discussed the role of media in raising awareness on the issues related to clean water and sanitation, represented by practitioners from Kompas, Metro, Media Indonesia, dan Republika. On the same occasion, Rina Agustin Indriani as the Secretary Directory General for Human Settlement Ministry of Public Works and Housing delivered the best practice of facility building for sanitation and clean water by Indonesian Government in several regions. She also invited the media to discuss and survey the programmes in their respective locations.