Behind the World Habitat Day and World City Day Celebration
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Seknas Habitat   News   Oct 30, 2017

This October is known as the Urban Month or so-called Urban October marked by World Habitat Day celebrations on every first Monday of October and ends with World Day Day celebrated every 31st of October.

Director General of Cipta Karya of the Ministry of PUPR Sri Hartoyo said this month reminded that today more than half the world's population live in urban areas, which means that the world has transformed urban activity in most parts of the world. The shift in population of rural to urban activity is expected to continue. "The UN world body predicts that 60 percent of the world's population will live in urban areas by 2060," Sri Hartoyo said after World Habitat Day celebrations and World Cities Day at the Ministry of PUPR on Monday (30/10).

Population growth and urbanization will directly affect the increasing need for shelter. Housing is one of the basic elements in urbanization, at least half of urban land is used as residential for urban communities. Failure to provide decent housing for the citizens of the city will certainly have an impact on the sustainability of urban development and lead to various urban problems such as congestion to slums.

The celebration of Habitat Day and World Cities Day 2017 is one of the commitments and contributions of the Ministry of Public Works and People's Housing in implementing the New Urban Agenda (NUA) or the Urban New Agenda. An integrated and holistic approach in housing will contribute to poverty alleviation and welfare improvement. "We hope that the series of Habitat Day and World Cities Day 2017 events that include photography, exhibition and discussion can contribute to the realization of a tough, inclusive and sustainable city development," said Sri Hartoyo.

Panel Discussion yesterday presented resource persons such as Encep R. Marsadi (Housing Policy Expert), Herbert Barimbing (Habitat form Humanity), Umm Azizah Mukarnawati (Holcim Indonesia), Taimur Samad (World Bank), and Tito Murbiantoro (Advisor Directorate of Housing Financing, Ministry of Finance PUPR) was moderated by Ruslan Priyadi (FE UI) and Noer Soetrisno (MP3I) which discussed the theme of "Proper and Affordable Shelter Policy" in Panel I, while for panel II under the theme "Government Innovation, Toward Realization of Open City."

Panel II presents Abdullah Azwar Anas (Banyuwangi Regent), Wicaksono Sarosa (Urban Planning Practitioner), Ahmad Rifai (Kota Kita Foundation), and Ikbar Al Asyari (APUFY Alumni) as the respondent who will be moderated by Bakti Setiawan (UGM Academician). Both themes are taken according to the theme of Habitat Day and World City Day this year. During the discussion, the committee invited various stakeholders from ministries / agencies, local governments, academics, practitioners, NGOs, the media and the general public to the younger generation to take an active role in providing input on the themes raised in this discussion.

On the same occasion, Minister PUPR Basuki Hadimuljono said it also targeted in 2019 the composition of urban slum settlements is 100-0-100, meaning that from 38 thousand hectares in 2014 will be 0 slum in 2019. Position 2016 to 2017 this position has increased the area arranged back. "We hope there will be contributions from the local government and other stakeholders to help organize the urban slums," Basuki said.

He added that the most significant slum areas successfully managed are in Jogjakarta, Surabaya, Balikpapan, and Semarang. In Semarang, he added, there is arrangement of fishing village, Floating House, and Floating Library. (vit / *)

Editor : Novita Amelilawaty