"The importance of World Habitat Day commemorated by all the first party is at its core we as all humanity is eager to live in a place that is habitable and can access all basic urban and basic infrastructure services, this root of departure from that increasingly day of urbanization is certainly going to increasingly, this is because there are aspects of push and pull or push factor of this urbanization and urbanization is a necessity because after all everyone has the same right to stay in urban areas, "said Sri Hartoyo in an exclusive interview with KBR Radio Jakarta. Statement from Ir. Sri Hartoyo, Dipl.SE, ME - as the Director General for Human Settlements became the introduction behind the World Habitat Day 2017 celebration.

As we have seen, today the whole world is commemorating the World Habitat Day 2017. The commemorations held every Monday in the first week of October, this year with themes are housing policy: affordable homes. In line with World Habitat Day 2017 celebrations, today exactly one year ago the Habitat III Conference in Quito, Ecuador produced the New Urban Agenda.

With the new Urban Agenda, we should be able to provide equal access for all levels of society for decent and affordable urban services and housing, we must be able to realize a living environment that encourages clean energy resource utilization that protects ecosystems sustainably and also the most important is the development of an inclusive and sustainable urban economy; in the sense that can be perceived benefits by all levels of society. It is a campaign in World Habitat Day 2017 commemoration submitted by the Director General for Human Settlements.