Surabaya City Government scheduled field trips for United Nations delegates, in The 3rd Preparatory Committee (PrepCom3) Habitat III, to 14 villages in Surabaya. One of its aims, so that UN aid flows for Indonesia.

Diana Kusumastuti Publications Staff of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) said that the UN has recognized that Surabaya has succeeded in creating a good environment for sustainable urban development.

"PrepCom3 is held outside the UN headquarters Why Surabaya, because Surabaya has been recognized, the UN is interested to hold PrepCom here," he said during a visit to the village in RT 05, RW 08, Barata Jaya Village, Bratang Binangun Sub-district, Friday / 7/2016).

According to him, revamping the villages in Surabaya into something that can be sold, especially related to the New Urban Agenda (New Agenda Urban) which will be carried in UN Habitat III in Quito, Ecuador, next October.

PrepCom3 in Surabaya, Diana said, became an opportunity for Indonesia to show to the world that Indonesia has a successful city in building a sustainable urban environment.

"Including Good Governance under the leadership of Risma, we need to inform the world," he said.

Diana hope, the introduction of the existing village in Surabaya in PrepCom3 UN Habitat III will bring a positive impact for the image of Indonesia in the eyes of the world.

"Finally, aid will come later, PAD will increase, tourism will also increase," he said.

In addition to villages in Bratang Binangun, several kampongs from 14 villages that became the destination field visit Prepcom3 Habitat III, among others in District Genteng, District Gundih, and Village Lawas Maspati.