Preparatory Committe III for Habitat III in Surabaya on July 25-27, journalists and representatives from the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) visited several villages on the media agenda visit on Friday (15/7). One of them residents in Kampung Bratang Binangun, Barata Jaya Village, District Gubeng

When arrived at the location, the group of journalists was immediately greeted by residents with sholawatan and symbolic hat ambassador environment. The journalists were also greeted with a "bilingual" welcome from the residents' representatives as well as' rehearsals' to welcome the guests of Prepcom 3 later.

The atmosphere is so cool even though the village is in the middle of the city. This can not be separated from the existence of various plants planted by residents in front of their house. There is a mango tree, also tanama family medicine (Toga). Along the way kampung berpaving that would be a space connecting the house residents who come face to face, also looks clean and beautiful.

The environmental facilitator of Barata Jaya Sub-district, Sumarmi who was given an explanation to the journalists, said that his village has successfully implemented four environmental programs in line with the expectations of Surabaya City Government. Ie greening program, waste processing by recycling and also the bank of garbage, also the cleanliness of the environment one of which is realized with the cleanliness of water channels.

"We also have a health program to prevent dengue fever through larva monitoring, here there are many larva monitoring cadres," said Sumarmi.

Sumarmi then explained about wastewater treatment equipment (APAL) which is also one of the environmental program in his village. The way this APAL is to drain the waste water that is then flowed to APAL which has three filters namely sand, gravel and pineapple fiber that serves as a disinfectant. "Water recycling from this APAL we can use them to water the plants and also wash the motorcycle," ?? continued Sumarmi.

In addition, Bratang Binangun residents are also able to maximize the waste of unused recycling into products that are worth selling such as wallets, brooches and bags, as well as waste glass waste into vase. Residents also have produced traditional drinks such as kencur rice, pokak and sinom are fresh and healthy. Traditional drinks are presented to the group of journalists.

Sumarmi is also a picture of the spirit of RW Bratang Binangun residents in managing the environment. At the age of 60 years, the woman who is familiarly called Bu Slamet looks very excited. He is also fluent in conveying explanations about environmental empowerment in his village. "Thank you for the visit, we apologize if there is any type of security in our welcome," ?? Sumarmi said.

There are four villages that became the location of the visit media agenda visit. In addition to Kampung Bratang Binangun, there is also Kampung Genteng, Kampung Lawas Maspatih, and also Kampung Gundih. The villages have their own uniqueness.

Head of Cleansing and Parks Agency (DKP) of Surabaya City, Chalid Buchari who participated in the media visit agenda, said, Bratang Binangun Village has been able to improve the environmental quality by greening and free of garbage village, also has been able to generate electrical energy from waste.

"As for Kampung Genteng, its citizens have been able to change the face of a landfill into a habitable village with integrated wastewater treatment facility and succeeded in mobilizing the eco-society of women through processing of fruit and fruit juice," he said. its clear.

Diana Kumuastuti from the publication section of the Ministry of PUPR affirmed that the four kampongs are part of 14 kampongs that will be visited by Prepcom participants 3. According to Diana, the existence of the green villages in Surabaya, has green open space and the community has been able to manage the waste independent, to be proof Surabaya has actually implemented some important points that will be discussed in the agenda Prepcom3.

"This is an opportunity to show successful villages in Surabaya, in line with Surabaya's success in empowering its people to achieve sustainable urban development, and that contributes to making Surabaya as the host of Prepcom 3," he said. firmly Diana.

Moreover, Diana also confirmed that the city of Surabaya is very ready to host the agenda that became the most important stage before heading to United Nation Habitat event which will be held in Ecuador in October. "Prepcom 3 will be an opportunity to show the world that in Indonesia there are cities that have succeeded in creating green and clean environments and empowered communities," ?? continued Diana.

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