The Ministry of Public Works and Housing’s Housing Finance Fund Management Center (PPDPP) promoted a housing exhibition namely “Pameran Rumah Rakyat 2016” (Public Housing Exhibition 2016) in Jakarta from November 9thto 13th. It was held in SMESCO building. The exhibition was  considered the last part of series promotion in Oct-Nov.

Previously, the exhibition was held in 3 cities: Jambi (12-16 October 2016), Banyuwangi (14-18 October 2016), and Kendari (26-30 October 2016). The exhibition was held in conjunction with this year’s Urban October. The exhibition was PPDPP’s effort in supporting government’s programmes in providing adequate housing to low-income groups.

As been quoted in, the President Director of PPDPP, Budi Hartono stated that the exhibition facilitates the transaction between buyers and developers to fulfil the need of adequate housing, especially for workers with monthly income of IDR 4 M. To make sure the buyers were able to afford the house offered, PPDPP set the price limits of Rp. 133.500.000 on the exhibition. The exhibition was the third exhibition since the first exhibition which was held in 2014.