The Governor of Aceh has established the emergency response status for 14 days (7-20 December 2016) through letter No. 39 / PER / 2016. This emergency response period applies to three districts including Pidie Jaya, Pidie and Bireuen districts. Emergency response is required to facilitate emergency handling of ease of access.

Sesditjen Cipta Karya Rina Agustin, visited Pidie Jaya Regency (14/12/16). Rina conducted a series of visits to several locations that have a severe impact as well as see directly how progress has been made by the team of Satgas Cipta Karya in handling Pidie Jaya earthquake response.

Until now, the disaster management status of Pidie Jaya is running well. Clean water facilities served through Hydrant General (HU) already installed amounted to 39 units for 25 points of refuge served by 13 MTA and 10 WC Portable is installed in 5 points of refuge. The activity is still focused on the installation of 2 HU and Portable WC at Pidie Jaya Regional Hospital (RSUD) Pidie Jaya, 2 HU in Pesantren Al-Aziziyah Samalangan, will also attempt to install 13 HU in 10 evacuation points consisting of 5 evacuation points that have not been installed and 5 new evacuation points. Can be informed also, there are 3 Unit Car Tank Air (MTA) that is heading Pidie Jaya and is expected to arrive in the afternoon. The current target, will be donated 100 Jerigen water filled with ready-to-drink water, where the machine is assisted by PDAM Bandarmasih.

Until the eighth day after the earthquake of Pidie Jaya Regency, the handling of disaster victims has been very good. Distribution of water through HU and Portable WC to refugee outposts has also been done. Not to mention also the help from various provinces also accelerate the emergency response process in Pidie Jaya regency.

Rina Agustin asserted that for all sectors to cooperate in this emergency response, no point of displacement that lack of water and sanitation in every evacuation must also be maintained, because these 2 elements are very important in every disaster. "Please involve all parties including empowerment consultants in each sector to control the HU already installed," said Rina Agustin.. (dodotz/randalaceh/ari,