Republic of Indonesia once again sent the delegation to the Partners Forum for Delivering the New Urban Agenda in Asia and the Pacific on 23 - 24 February 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand. It has topic about "National Mechanisms and Multi-Stakeholder Engagement in the Implementation of the New Urban Agenda". It was organized by UN-Habitat in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Development and Security of Thailand as the host, and financial support from the Swedish International Development Coorperation Agency (SIDA).

The delegations in Partner Forum were coming from various countries in Asia Pacific. They were representatives from government as focal point, organizations, and multi-stakeholder forum who were working to realize the New Urban agenda (NUA) through a network of partnerships, supporting, monitoring, and reporting on local and national levels.

Indonesian delegation represented by Dr. Lana Winayanti, MCP (Advisor to the Minister of Social Affairs and the Role of Cultural Society, the Ministry of Public Works and Housing), Tri Dewi Virgiyanti (Director of Urban, Housing, and Settlement, the Ministry of Planning and National Development), Dr. Ir. Wicaksono Sarosa (Executive Board Chairman of Habitat Partnership), Ahmad Rifai (Executive Director of Yayasan Kota Kita), and Hepi Rachmawati (Programme Manager of YAKKUM Emergency Unit).

The goal of the Partner Forum was to shared experiences about framework and implementation mechanism for the NUA at national and local level, based on current conditions and planned. Additionally, this usedful for building awareness of the commitment among stakeholders and how these commitment related to his field of work.

It was also discussed to identify synergy between the NUA, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and other commitments that have been agreed upon globally. Delegates also discussed the elements of the strategy for built strengthening partnerships among stakeholders in the global, regional, national, local, and community level to supporting, monitoring, and reporting implementation of the NUA, as well as to identify the contribution of strategic partners for the NUA.

This international forum was expected to be able for identify the elements of the framework of the NUA which was implementable and practical at the national, provincial, and district / city, to ground commitments in the development of the NUA at the level of central and local governments, as well as a network of strategic partners, and also updating the 10-point plan from the results of previous Partner Forum which was held on July 2015 ago.

Partner Forum was organized into six sessions, each session has a subject that was different. On the first day, Indonesian delegation was asked to provide exposure in Plenary Session Panel 1: Country Presentations who was presented by Tri Dewi Virgiyanti, as Director of Urban, Housing, and Settlement, the Ministry of Planning and National Development. While Dr. Ir. Wicaksono Sarosa as Executive Board Chairman of Habitat Partnership also asked in Plenary Session Panel 2: Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships for Implementation of the New Urban Agenda.

On the second day, Indonesian delegation asked to present at Plenary Session Panel 4: Localization of SDGs, NUA, and Other Global Commitments who presented by Dr. Lana Winayanti, MCP as Advisor to the Minister of Social Affairs and the Role of Cultural Society, the Ministry of Public Works and Housing. And, Ahmad Rifai as the Executive Director of Yayasan Kota Kita & Hepi Rachmawati as Programme Manager of YAKKUM Emergency Unit was asked to presented at the Plenary Session Panel 5: Partners Plan for NUA and Tools for Implementation of the New Urban Agenda. 

Partner Forum in Bangkok, Thailand, and others international forums that consisting of multi-stakeholder is a way for Indoensian government to establishing a strategic partner in order to accelerate the implementation of the NUA to designing the construction of settlements and urban sustainable, as mandated in Rancangan Pembangunan Jangka Menengah (RPJMN) 2015 – 2019.