26th UN-Habitat Governing Council (GC-26 UN-Habitat) will be held the first time after Habitat III Conference in Quito, Ecuador.

It is the meeting between the member of countries of UN-Habitat, UN organizations, international intergovernmental organizations, local governments, NGOs, and other stakeholders. GC-26 UN-Habitat will be held on 8 to 12 May 2017 in Nairobi, Kenya.

Indonesia will send the delegation to the meeting. According to the plan, Indonesian delegation will present about what it has done Indonesian government after Quito Declaration to encourage the member of countries for implementation of the New Urban Agenda (NUA) which was the document on the Habitat III Conference.

The theme will be appointed at GC-26 UN-Habitat is “Opportunities for the Effective Implementation of the New Urban Agenda” with the sub-theme “Towards Inclusive, Sustainable, and Adequate Housing for A Better Future”, “Synergies and Financing for Sustainable Urbanization”, and “Integerated Human Settlements Planning for Sustainable Urbanization”.

In general, the key issues will be discussed in the Governing Council are related to the activities of UN-Habitat, including coordination with the member of countries. In addition, also will be discussed relating about work programs and plans of UN-Habitat budget for 2018 – 2019 and progress of each member of countries report after Habitat III Conference.

Indonesian delegation will be participated in preparing some discussions related to the progress report after Habitat III Conference in Indonesia. After Declaration of Quito, Indonesia is moving fast in the drafting and organizing to ground the NUA in Indonesia. The First, Indonesian delegation will reported on the dissemination of Habitat III Conference has been done at the level of ministries, government agencies, and local governments.

The Second, Indonesia has prepared information materials and built organization of cross-ministry for alignment of development in infrastructure and human settlements that are environmentally friendly through translation of Declaration of Quito, preparation of the Practical Guide Implementation of New Urban Agenda (PPINUA), preparation of the book "The State of Indonesia Cities", establish of Habitat National Coordinating Team and Habitat National Secretariat with inter-ministries and institutions, and collect the programs and best practices in the platform of housing and urban areas in Indonesia. These things are the form to the ground the NUA in Indonesia.

The Third, Indonesia has been done developing the concept of gender engagement in the platform of infrastructure access. Also for disabilities, children, and old people in the planning of infrastructure development and urban settlements.

The Fourth, Indonesia will be promoted the development of water and sanitation infrastructure for low-income people (MBR), fisherman, and in the slum area, as well as providing access to developing and financing of affordable housing.

The Fifth, Indonesia has been prepared agenda in order to socialize the NUA through roadshow in the ministries and government agencies, dissemination to the forums of stakeholders, Thematic Urban Forum, Habitat Festival, World Habitat Day and World Cities Day 2017, Habitat Bulletin, and manage information of Habitat agenda.