On 16-22 October 2015, Jakarta had been privileged to hold international chain of events relating to human settlements issues in international urban policy. These chain of events are The Sixth Asia Pacific Urban Forum (APUF-6), Asia Pacific Urban Youth Assembly (APUFY) and High Level Regional Meeting (HLRM). These events were held one year prior to Habitat III which is The Third United Nations Conference on Human Settlements.

The main event of Asia Pacific Urban Forum was held on 19-21 October 2015, the official side event, which was the youth version was held earlier on 17-18 October 2015. APUF was then followed by High Level Regional Meeting, whose opening was held on the last day of APUF-6, on 21-22 October 2015.

APUFY is an official pre-event of the Sixth Asia Pacific Urban Forum. Until this year, APUF has not focused on urban youth as stakeholder. APUFY in Jakarta would be a new model of youth participation for urban agenda in the region, building on the successful global Urban Youth Assemblies held during the World Urban Forums since 2004. This event facilitated the youths who concern about urban development issues to articulate urban issues and solutions impacting their lives and communities. This is the first kind of event that gathers diverse organizations and groups representing youth in discussion about urban issues at the regional level.

Young people in Asia Pacific represent more than half of global youth population and increasingly dwell in cities. There are more people under 25 than ever. This group of age should be empowered as stakeholders, caretakers and leaders for Asia Pacific sustainable urban development. The participants for this events were consist of 150 youth from Indonesia and 150 youth from Asia Pacific.

Programs in APUFY were designed around leadership strengthening, technical skills training and capacity building, and culture, technology and media. The programs contents addressed the theme of youth’s potential as leaders and empowered agents of change in Asia Pacific urban context. In APUFY, the young participants also had the opportunity to discuss urban issues with Governor of Jakarta, Basuki Tjahja, and Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Republic of Indonesia.

The sessions were:

  1. Mini-Government Jam: Innovative Approaches and Solution Modelling for WASH by Pulse Lab Jakarta.
  2. Voice of Youth: Debate and ICT as Tools for Development by Asian Development Bank.

The 12 parallel sessions were:

  1. “Unity in Diversity-Bhineka Tunggal Ika” by Republic of Indonesia.
  2. “Creating Cities for Everyone with Data Innovation and Participatory Design” by Pulse Lab Jakarta.
  3. “Policy Introduction: Finalizing of One Pager of Asia-Pacific Youth Declaration” by United Nations Major Groups for Children and Youth (UN-MGCY).
  4. “Mobilizing for Change: Tomorrow’s Leaders Taking Action Today” by Kota Kita Foundation and UNPD.
  5. “Youth Involvement in Child Friendly Cities” by World Vision Indonesia, Cilincing Child Forum, Surabaya Child Forum, Wahana Visi Indonesia.
  6. “Innovating Our Way Out of Traffic Jam: Urban Mobility Transformation” by UN-Habitat.
  7. “Investing in Youth Innovation” by Asian Development Bank.
  8. “Urban Climate Resilience” by Government of Indonesia.
  9. “The Good City – Livable Cities, Planned Cities: Cities for People, Made by People” by National University of Singapore.
  10. “Cities of Tomorrow: Engaging Youth in Foresight” by Oxfam.
  11. “Advocacy Workshop: Strategy & Training” by UN-MGCY.
  12. “Youth Leadership in Disasters and Beyond” by Youth Beyond Disasters.

APUFY was followed by APUF-6 event and Asia Pacific High Level Regional Meeting the next day.