a result of this, supply is not keeping pace with demand,

SIGN UP FOR THE NSW REAL ESTATE NEWSLETTER HEREAllambie Heights leads the state as the most in demand suburb according to the average number of clicks that listings got online in the six months to October, according to the REA Group report.There is no doubt Allambie Heights is a hot suburb right now, driven by affordable prices, large blocks and central location.Northern beaches from the air2:11Fly over the northern beaches with Sydney SeaplanesThis was contributing to strong sales, said Casey Faets, of Clarke Humel Property. Last week he sold a five bedroom home on 777sq m with a pool for $2.35 million, two weeks prior to its scheduled auction.The sale price of 44 Churchill Cres, was well over the $2 million price guide and is a street record. It is also just $150,000 shy of the suburb residential sale record of $2.5 million set in August 2015.TASMANIAN SUBURBS ARE HOTTEST PROPERTY IN AUSTRALIAwere expecting plenty of interest in it in because it is one of the nicer homes in the suburb, but we weren expecting it to end up at that level, Mr Faets said.He said there was strong demand in Allambie Heights and the surrounding suburbs like North Manly due to their proximity to beaches, transport, schools and shops and their relative affordability to other suburbs like Manly and Freshwater.is one of the more affordable suburbs, it has bigger blocks and you still close to everything but out of the way of the traffic, he said.Andrew Lutze, of Cunninghams Property, is marketing another property in Churchill Cres, which goes to auction on December 9 with a price guide of $1.7 million to $1.8 million. He said there was already strong interest in the five bedroom home at No. 54.Heights has been a sleepy hollow for a long time, he said. are discovering just now well connected it is to three major hubs. include the new Northern Beaches Hospital at Frenchs Forest, due to open next year, Dee Why, which is undergoing a major transformation with new apartment towers and a town centre, and Manly, a perennial favourite for its beaches and restaurants and access to the city. a result of this, supply is not keeping pace with demand, meaning higher prices and less opportunities to buy. Mr Lutze has one Allambie Heights property on his books at the moment, with the next one not due to come on until next year.

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