Mondegreen: Mondo Grosso’s English is pretty good

Lumines proved very popular in Japan, selling more than half a million copies since its initial release. It also garnered Greatest Hits status in North America and Europe, prompting a mobile phone version of the game created by Gameloft. A direct sequel was made the following year, and it was later joined by Lumines Plus for the PlayStation 2 and Lumines Live for Xbox 360’s Live Arcade. A port of Lumines 2 (with some skins and VS modes removed, plus the Lumines Live interface) was released for the PC, distributed by Wild Tangent Games and Steam. In 2009, a Playstation 3 version of the game called Lumines Supernova was released on the Playstation Network, which contained a new mode called Dig Down mode, and new skins (including one based on LittleBigPlanet). Broken Record: In the PSP version of the first Lumines, a section of the song will repeat unless you form a block for it to erase. One reviewer said this effect, when combined with the already repetitive lyrics of the first skin “Shinin'”, “almost turned me into Jack from THE Shining.” Cap: The original Lumines caps out at 999,999 points; your reward for achieving the cap is a new skin. Lumines II adds more digits. Drought Level of Doom: “Day Dream” in Lumines Supernova, with a time line so painfully slow you’re lucky if you can clear any blocks. Similarly, “I hear the music in my soul” from the original takes 4 measures for the playhead to do a full sweep, and the moderately slow BPM doesn’t help much either. Dueling Games: with Meteos Falling Blocks Licensed Game: Many of the tracks are licensed. Lumines II is notable for having big name Western musicians like Beck and Gwen Stefani. Mondegreen: Mondo Grosso’s English is pretty good, but the first line of “Shinin'” sounds an awful lot like “Word of Silas, creepy Silas Stein.” Mood Whiplash: The skins in Lumines are made to incite some kind of feeling, via ‘synesthesia'; Usually these manifest in emotions, and as such can seriously flip flop between a few if certain skins are used. wholesale replica bags Also in A Link to the Past, there are a number of cracked walls. Some can be blown open by bombs while some can be knocked down by being rammed into with the Pegasus Boots, but others aren’t affected at all by either of those. Some players have wasted many hours searching for a bomb upgrade to blow these walls open. The closest thing to a bomb upgrade is the red bomb, which opens up a specific location, and is never a standard inventory item. These cracks are merely for decoration. Generally speaking, if cracks aren’t positioned on the center of the wall in any given room, they’re just decoration, and the decorative cracks are only seen in dungeons, anyhow. However, there’s a cave somewhere on Death Mountain that has a noticeable cracked wall, in a relatively obvious spot, but it can’t be broken opened in any way. This is the only instance of this happening in a cave. wholesale replica bags

replica bags cheap replica handbags The Friend Nobody Likes: Mike is the only person who genuinely likes Pigeon, forcing Yung and Marquees (and everyone else) to put up with him. Groin Attack: The moment Mike sees the chupacabra that’s been terrorizing the ranch, he immediately punches it right in the groin. Hell Is That Noise: The catalyst for “What’s that Gnoise?” is a car producing a distressing high pitched noise. Heroic Comedic Sociopath / Chaotic Stupid / Idiot Hero: While he means well, and is almost always good natured, Mike Tyson is tremendously dangerous to be around. He has so many quirks and abnormalities that may set him off on a punching tangent at any moment, and his view of reality is so skewed that it’s hard to know what might trigger him from one moment to the next. In the first series alone, he personally kills more than a dozen people (some accidently, some on purpose but for invalid reasons), and brutally attacks several others, including chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov, who he mistakes for the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. I Love the Dead: According to Marcus, a human doing the nasty with a ghost will cause an unspecified apocalyptic scenario. When he assumes Pigeon has done this, he freaks out. In Medias Res: The second season opener parodies this: Mike’s kitchen is full of blood, Pigeon is laying apparently dead in the oven, Yung Hee and Marquess are tied up, and Mike is crying. “How did we get here?” wonders Marquess. The blood’s tomato, Pigeon’s being melodramatic, Marquess is showing Yung Hee a magic trick, Mike is watching On Golden Pond Innocently Insensitive: In “Ty Stunned,” everyone, minus Yung, unintentionally acts insensitive to Miss Ensler when they keep bringing up her husband’s mutilated body. Do you think I should have a line of neckties?Ensler: Richard loved ties. They cut off his head! cheap replica handbags

Designer Replica Bags I heard just a brief snippet of an interview on NPR with the novelist Jonathan Franzen about his new book, Freedom. If I paraphrase him rightly, he said the book was about learning to grow up into the world of adults, and the difficulty we as Americans have had in making that transition. That’s what I’m taking about. How could we have chosen to be governed by a Peter Pan president in the first decade of the 21st century? I hate to risk sounding pompous, but we all need to grow up from the narcissistic world of childhood into the adult world of shared responsibility and collaborative effort. Short of the revolution we all wished for in the 1960s which when came from the opposite direction in the end! this has to be an incremental process. No one is going to wave a wand and sprinkle fairy dust Designer Replica Bags.