Broncos tight lipped on sex assault allegations in comments posted online

Broncos tight lipped on sex assault allegations in comments posted online Seahawks offensive lineman Michael Bennett has been accused of sexual assault in a series of postings on a chat room website. While some of the content posted to a popular website about relationships between women appeared graphic and offensive, it’s not clear whether it involved actual assault. However, it’s also not clear whether any sexual assault allegations포커 involving Bennett have been confirmed as true. At least two men have made allegations against온라인바카라 Bennett, both speaking anonymously and citing friends. One man told The Oregonian that Bennett groped him while he was at a party in February, making the two “very uncomfortable.” He said Bennett then pulled him into a room. One day later, he said, he went back into the room to tell his friends about the incident. At least one of those friends said she spoke to Bennett about it, the story said, and he agreed to attend counseling. Bennett denied in a statement last week that he’d ever done sexual favors for women, or said that allegations against him were untrue. “I strongly deny any wrongdoing and look forward to cooperating fully with all appropriate authorities to help ensure that such behavior never happens again,” he said. The website in question, XBoxLive, was owned by the former owner, Matt Furie, who was suspended on Aug. 25 over allegations he engaged in harassment of women after he hired a former girlfriend to do a video for his band, Red Hot Chili Peppers. The XBoxLive website has an “offender” flag that identifies users, and there is a button to remove offenders. It is unclear whether anyone who posts on the site has reached out to authorities about the alleged sexual assault claims. “I have no idea if this is true, but no one, even the ones who know this, should 창원 출장 안마post anything that could lead to someone getting hurt,” one user wrote on a forum that lists the top-rated people in the world on the “offender” page. “If you do go to Jail and try this again, I will write you, and then others, out.” Bennett’s lawyer, Bruce Bennett, dismissed the claims, saying they could not be proven. A spokesperson for the Oregonian was not immediately available to comment.