Council backs lighthouse platform efforts Copyright by KOIN – All rights reserved (credit: @KOIN) [ + – ] Video

Council backs lighthouse platform efforts Copyright by KOIN – All rights reserved (credit: @KOIN) [ + – ] Video PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Port of Portland has voted to support a lighthouse platform, and is expected to vote on a motion to do so by Sept. 16. The motion will come before the board, at w강릉안마hich point a vote on whether to approve the proposal will be held. Supporters will argue the use of the platform would help bring more people together. Opponents will say it will damage property values and create more pollution. “If people are being inconvenienced and we’re having to invest in more infrastructure to deal with a lot of noise, it could have a detrimental effect on how we view the lighthouse,” said Steve Bell, the Port of Portland’s chief operating officer. The board already approved a motion to fund environmental improvements to the lighthouse, according to Bell. “When people come to see a lighthouse, they’re here for entertainment,” he said. “If they’re experiencing adverse impacts from noise, or if we’re having trouble understanding their concerns, our first step in addressing that is going to be to engage them in the decision-making processes.” But the platform wouldn’t work if a particular neighborhood was experiencing such noise, said Kevin Bowers of the Port. “To the extent a user is walking from one location to the lighthouse, they’re walking a mile and a half from the lighthouse to their nei더킹카지노ghborhood,” he said. He added, “I don’t really see how people are getting along without having the ability to access the structure as a tourist attraction — there is too much noise associated with it. I think we need to make an effort here so we can get everybody around and understand why they’re there.” Bowers also noted the안산출장샵 current state of the lights could be used to promote tourism during light shows. After meeting this morning and again meeting at 12:30 Saturday morning, the board voted to authorize $11,000 toward the lighthouse platform, and to increase the time when light shows would be held from three hours to two. Bowers is also looking to add additional noise barriers around the lighthouse. “We’ve already installed five on the tower,” he said. “We’ve got three more coming in.