Man injured after parachute fails to deploy as he attempts to return home

Man injured after parachute fails to deploy as he attempts to return home Police say there may be more deaths as the search continues A man who parachuted back into space has been killed while attempting to return home from a five-month stay at a South African medical base, officials have said. “He has failed to reach the landing site because of mechanical failure caused by the force of air pressure,” the South African military said in a statement. His body was flown to Mombasa’s medical hospital early on Wednesday, after a review tea카지노 사이트m of medical experts completed a report that stated the parachutist did not have enough force to deploy the parachute and fall back into space safely. Marlon Smith, the doctor who led the review, said his team has a “serious shortage” of qualified pilots and they could not determine whether바카라 the failure was due to equipment or training. It is believed Smith was the first medical officer to have taken a medical return to space, but his death is not believed to be related to medical equipment failure, the army said. The man had been staying at the Mombasa Medical Base for more than a month. His parachute system had failed. Two other doctors were also on board the International Space Station when it was put into hibernation on 27 March 2011 but surv더킹카지노ived to see the end of the mission. But four of them died two days later, and eight others went on to suffer severe injuries after their parachute systems did not function properly. The incident, which would have cost the military $8,500 (£5,750) on average, occurred when Smith was trying to return home to his family in Germany after returning from a five-month stay in Cape Town.