Worker reveals treatment on day of fukushima meltdown has had detrimental impact on her

Worker reveals treatment on day of fukushima meltdown has had detrimental impact on her Takuma Shigematsu Staff of Fukushima Daiichi facility where workers at the stricken atomic plant have been exposed to the extremely radiation-contaminated water. (Fukushima Daiichi) (Fukushima Daiichi) (CNN) Japan’s government plans a public inquiry into the 2011 meltdowns at its No. 1 nuclear facility after a report commissioned by the government concluded that the plant workers — the only people ever exposed to contaminated water — were particularly damaged because the radiation was released at the time. The report, titled “Effects of nuclear power plant on human health and the environment in Japan” by Japan Research and Development Institute (JREI), says most of the workers were exposed to relatively high levels of radiation but that those exposed to high doses of radiation in the weeks leading up to the plant’s meltdown — more than 1,300 times higher than the allowable limit for safe work and consumption — were most exposed to low-level radiation. “The impact on health and the environment for workers and others exposed to radioactive water is serious,” JREI director Yasunobu Hata said in a statement on Tuesday. “The public’s concern for health and the environment is reflected in its decisions.” Although the agency did not explain when the findings came to light, Hata said the findings showed that “the levels of radioactivity are high enough that there is already a risk of the exposure affecting the health and welfare of workers and others present in the plant and the surrounding area.” The JREI stu바카라dy also concludes that workers at No. 1 nuclear plant were most exposed because of the time and distance of exposure that was longer than required and the fact that workers were exposed to much higher levels of radiation in the days leading up t더킹카지노o the meltdowns. The agency said it intends to begin a probe into other affected plants to make sure no new contamination is detected in future. The coun바카라사이트try’s largest nuclear power operator TEPCO says a review of thousands of documents found at the damaged plant shows no signs of such contamination.