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How To Stop Smartphone From Tracking You

There is a dire need to reduce phone usage. Immaterial of what device and its operating system (Android or iOS), there are several things in a smartphone that tracks almost every movement coque samsung j3 2017 paris tour eiffel of yours. The fact is you might not be aware but your smartphone and apps are tracking you, possibly every waking moment.

It is quite subjective whether or not to consider this as a threat to privacy but it always better to put your guard on than regretting later.

Here we shall be talking about how you can stop apps from collecting data. There coque etui samsung j3 2017 are many ways using which you can reduce phone usage and stop your smartphone from controlling your personal data. Some of coque samsung a70 femme which are mentioned below Your Exact Location

Believe it or not, your smartphone knows exactly where you are, how many times you have been at that place and on what days you visited that place. Which is kind of creepy, right What’s even more creepier, it saves data coque griffin samsung a50 even if you ask it not to, a good enough reason to coques personnalisees iphone 5 5s se reduce phone usage.

If you have registered your device using a Google account (which is coque j3 2015 coque iphone 8 samsung quite likely, especially if you are an Android user) here’s a way you can ask Google to not samsung a40 coque double track your activity. Your Precious Passwords

What is tracked

It is so convenient for us coque huawei mate to save passwords online. We so casually hit the yes button when a website prompts us to save passwords, not knowing how the website might just misuse our passwords.

What you might not be aware of is the fact that your precious passwords are getting into the hands of your smartphones and search engines. This could still be acceptable. But what if notorious websites get hands on your passwords. The repercussions needn be mentioned.

You can secure all your passwords coque samsung j3 2016 noir et blanc in coque samsung j5 2017 drapeu france a secure location

Here are coque personnalisees samsung some more options that can help you save and remember important passwords.

3. Your Personal Data

What is coque samsung j3 avengers tracked

As per a study conducted by the University of California, Berkeley almost 70% apps share your personal data.

Apart from your personal data, they even share your details like

Your younme coque samsung a50 contact list

Call Logs

Your calendar details

Ad networkEmail IDs

and so much more, scary enough, right coque portefeuille samsung j4 plus musique The more time coque samsung j3 2016 angel you spend on a website the more data it would be able to coque iphone 7 gather about you. One way to combat this is to reduce coque dr de samsung galaxie j3 2017 phone usage.

It’s true that in today’s world, you might not be able to completely detach coque tete de mort samsung j3 2016 yourself from social media, but what you can do is control your consumption and what you share on social media.

Why Because coque samsung j5 2017 bleu marine leading social media networks have the ability to collect your information even when you are not online. A glimpse of which can be seen when Facebook creates “shadow profiles” of people.

Choose only the popular platforms like Google coque de samsung galaxy j3 licorne Play Store and Apple iOS store to download apps and try to avoid any other website for downloading Apps. That’s not the only thing that you should do…