Bikie facing kidnap extortion charges in NSW

Bikie facing kidnap extortion charges in NSW


Two police officers accused of attempting to extort money from the gang’s victims in NSW have been charged with kidnap, assault and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

More than a dozen women, mostly teenagers from the city, worked as bodyg더킹카지노uards, bikie bosses and liaisons.

The suspects, aged from 18 to 26, are due to appear at Bondi Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

They were allegedly instructed to arrange for the women to be held against their will in rented hotel rooms for weeks, often in freezing conditions, and held to ransom before a payment was made.

One woman was told by some to strip nude, then given a blow job.

A second woman was told to bend over the back of her own car as her legs were tied up, her ankles tied, and her hands tied behind her back.

Others were told to strip naked, then give their own blood to get sex from their handlers and others were told their faces could be filmed on camera.

They are said to have been charged for the alleged acts from June to October year and all had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to the criminal organisation.

Detective Inspector Michael Leakey, of Queensland Police’s Serious Crimes Branch, said while some of the alleged assaults would not have happened if it wasn’t for the victims, the women were still at risk.

“These alle바카라사이트ged acts were completely against public policy that would ensure a young woman, who was already vulnerable, would not have had to worry about this particular group of people and that’s something you could never expect to happen in a society that we live in and that I think it’s absolutely shameful for,” he said.

“People want to know: what are our priorities at the moment and why is it we need to fund this?”

It’s illegal to intimidate anyone into paying an amount, police have advised the women.

“It’s really, really difficult for young women when they can’t say no or have no choice in what they want to do with their lives,” Detective Inspector Leakey said.

Police say they are working with the families of the victims to investigate whether there has been any retaliation.

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