Most americans are like my parents who work for 40

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Anyways, the game pretty much fully takes place in Columbia. Columbia, as I said before, is a floating city above the clouds. The city is held up in the sky by ‘quantum levitation’ and a bunch of balloons. Literally anyone who has had a professional job for 40 years (worth remembering this is NOT most americans. Most americans are like my parents who work for 40 years to pretty much pay their bills) will be a millionaire when they retire.People pretending like Bernie is part of the problem because he enjoyed the fruits of a lifetime of hard work and can own a house or two are out of their minds. He railing against the kind of wealth accumulation that CAPTURES democracy Click This Link , people for whom his net worth is an annual bonus who spend a huge amount of it lobbying against social reforms that would undercut their predatory business models and benefit all of the american people Replica Hermes..

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