Steps need to be taken to make sure that the operations

These patients are quite often of working age so time away from their place of work can be difficult for a number of reasons. Steps need to be taken to make sure that the operations offered within the NHS are best for patients. To repair the valve, the operation usually involves cutting the breastbone completely (from the collar bone to the bottom of the breastbone); this is called a sternotomy.

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Two phosphatic nodule beds, possibly marking stagnant periods, separate the Globigerina Limestones. The lower and upper divisions are formed of pelagic foraminifera with lamellibranchs and neritic echinoids. The middle division, a marly limestone, may be a deep of water deposit but has an upper, coarser facies in south west Gozo.

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One major problem is that he is not able to breathe normally as some parts of lungs is not functioning since the time he was diagnosed and he coughs up regularly. My question is whether there is any alternative treatment for polymyositis which is having less side effects? If not in allopathic than in other branches of medical (homeopathic or ayurvedic). I am open to any idea which can be beneficial in treatment to this fatal disease.

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