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Who doesn enjoy having their tax dollars spent to ruin the lives of others across the world while the military industry wipes their ass with your money? But all those jobs?!?!?!? I rather subsidize an industry that is useful thank you very much. How about green energy? Or infrastructure? Public transportation? Education? Science research? Farms? Electric Vehicles? Medicine? Any fuckin thing that isn ruining people lives thank you very much. Guess we let China catch up in tech while our tax dollars are wasted bombing innocent civilians..

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Efficiency is generally determined by the ratio of energy output to energy input. According to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, the efficiency of a device can never reach 100%; there is always some loss in energy and this applies to windmills too. For a wind turbine the energy input is the kinetic energy of the wind and the energy output is mechanical rotating energy..

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I fill it out once or twice a week and it has honestly changed my life completely. I live infinitely more frugally now than I did before. It was a lot of effort to build the tables and formulas and everything but it like 10/15 min a week to fill it out now.

The court also temporarily enjoined these defendants from participating in the offering of securities like those used to perpetrate the fraudulent scheme as alleged by the SEC. District Court for the Northern District of Texas (Dallas Division) charges China Voice, its former chairman and CEO William F. Burbank IV, and Allen, for a series of fraudulent company statements about its financial condition and business prospects.

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