Also, symmetry should be highly considered

counterfeit goods seized from local businesses

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BY THE NUMBERS: Ryland Ward led the BG defense with 10 tackles, including seven solo stops, while Gates and Brian Sutton both were second with eight stops each. The Falcons finished with just 10 net yards rushing because of the 56 yards in sacks. Travis Greene led Bowling Green with 39 yards rushing on 18 attempts.

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Ouch! But, they only ate 75 percent of the feed our Holsteins ate every day. Milk fat and protein in the Jersey milk was considerably higher than in that from the Holsteins, so we received about $8 more per hundredweight of milk for the Jersey milk. When I added all the numbers together, our little brown Jerseys were making 15 percent more income per unit of feed than the Holsteins were..

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