The majority of those people would have qualified for the

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Cheap jordans A cynic might even saythe primary goal in offering this money is to trick wavering Republican senators or to give them an easy excuse for voting yes, rather than to provide health insurance for the people who stand to lose it should the Senate bill become law. The majority of those people would have qualified for the program under the Affordable Care Act’s expansion an expansion that the Senate bill would mostly end, by cutting off the extra federal funds that make it financially possible for the states to carry out.The masses losing access to Medicaid would mostly be the working poor people who have jobs or live in households with breadwinners, but have income below or just above the poverty line. (The official threshold is 133 percent of the federal poverty line, which works out to $16,040 in annual income for an individual and $27,159 for a family of three.) On their own, they would have no way to shell out the thousands of dollars a year it would take to buy regularly priced private health insurance policies on the open market.In theory, the Senate bill anticipates this by expanding eligibility for health insurance tax credits, so that nobody living on poverty wages or less would have to pay more than 2.14 percent of his or her income, with adjustments, to get coverage Cheap jordans.