3 million Venezuelans about 7 percent of the population have

Canada Goose Outlet The greatest likely distortion of the vote was systematic intimidation by the security forces. Party agents deliberately spread rumors that fingerprints on the voter roll allow the government to trace individual votes. This had a chilling effect since citizens remember the 2008 election when the military and party militias attacked villages that voted for the opposition. Canada Goose Outlet

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canada goose But amid economic devastation and political havoc, the country is still feeling many other shocks. A popular satirical website tweeted that the earthquake was the result of a tectonic plate canada goose outlet los angeles trying canada goose outlet legit to flee Venezuela a dark joke gesturing to the canada goose outlet store quebec thousands of Venezuelans seeking to escape the country every day. Figures, some 2.3 million Venezuelans about 7 percent of the population have left their homeland over the past couple of years. canada goose

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