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I have 10 zones of audio (kitchen, living room, outside deck, garage, master bed, master bath, office, loft, and each of the kid bedrooms). I have two 6 zone amps powering all of this, with 10 CCA plugged into the amps, one CCA per zone.Each can be independently controlled, or grouped together in various ways.What I did for volume control is I have an analog, in line, volume knob per zone. So anyone can walk up and turn the volume knob up and down as need, but they can also be controlled by the phone or tablet that is sending the audio stream to the CCA device.Now this might be overkill for what you need, you don need a multi channel amp, you just need an AV receiver with Zone 2 Pre out (RCA output) that will then run into a small 2 channel amp for your outside space.Get single CCA into the AVR and with the remote control of the receiver you can play the audio via BT or CCA on the receiver for both zone, the receiver will then control the audio for the main speakers directly connected to the AVR (living room/kitchen area) and then for zone 2 it control that volume independently as well.Or you can do in ceiling speakers in your kitchen and living room, separate from your AVR setup and would never have to turn the AVR on at all to listen to music..

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cheap moncler outlet Is the time to moncler outlet sale pee. Train it that x+2 hours is the time to pee. The bowls are layered with filth.. I sorry I don have pictures to easily show you what it looked like! But hopefully that make a bit more sense. Basically a huge ass bag over the unit worked just fine for me :) I think a huge box with a window cut out and maybe some plexiglass would be some thing I try next (I have those laying around). But, I was in a pinch :) cheap moncler outlet.